Software to control productivity

Almost all companies have some kind of application in their intranet where employees have to report the time they have devoted their working hours to work, specifying the tasks solved or also the application of time control works while they work. Sometimes it is cause for blushing (and can be dismissal) to verify that the worker is engaged in entering social networks, chat in an instant messaging program or look at web pages where you lose time.
Those who work with their computer or the self-employed who use their computer equipment and connect to the Internet, should not they do the same? When working with a computer it is good to know what we do exactly and how to avoid distractions, but it is also worth mentioning that although a self-employed worker or a user does not have the pressure of an employee in relation to the control of a business hierarchy, who has the responsibility to manage their time well.
There are basic applications like Time Stamp, to control the time you dedicate to each of the work tasks. However, this type of application only marks the beginning and the pause between tasks, giving a history with the tracking of time intervals dedicated to work. There are other more advanced applications that monitor all our activity (websites we visit, programs we use). Being active while using the computer are not annoying, quietly record activity and open tabs where we are browsing and make a report of the real use that we give every day our computer and Internet browsing, finally show us the results. These tools of time management and productivity have various functionalities such as graphics and statistics, alerts to return to work, blockers for certain websites.
RescueTime is a tool for Windows and Mac operating systems that allows us to control activities and alert us. It can be obtained at, there are different versions according to functionalities.
Klok is another application of time control that shows the results through graphics and calendar. Based on Adobe Air, it works on Windows and Mac. It can be found at
TimeSnapper is a tool for Windows users whose method is based on taking screenshots every few seconds so that it registers very clearly what we are doing with the computer. The report or report that you give us is a video with the registered images that we can reproduce. You can download it from its official website
ManicTime is another application to record the time that works with Windows, records the use we give our time in front of the computer and compiles statistics where it shows us exactly what we have been doing. More information on its website,
SlifeWeb is a utility for Mac only, with very elaborate statistics and a very elegant design. They have a trial version on their page but it is a payment software and as in other applications, it has a small monthly fee.
If we want a report that covers absolutely all the activity, we must leave the activated tool from the moment we start working and check when we finish stopping its tracking. If we are concerned about security issues such as the passwords we use to access accounts or privacy, it is possible to pause or close the application. It should not generate fear and the main idea is to realize our patterns or work patterns, to improve and take advantage of the time by changing bad habits. They can be used as part of the method of work, but if they lead to obsession, it is better to use them only to consider changes in our life, in a Socratic sense.

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