6 programs to create free business job cards

“What’s the best program to create free business cards?”, it’s a question posed by many professionals or entrepreneurs seeking to save money for their business.

The last three restaurants I attended had all a business card on the desk. They were all bad tickets, probably created by some low-cost agency who made decided to hire some kid to create the design of the various projects.

However, the business card takes on a very important role in the business-customer relationship: it explains exactly what is done and make the customer able to come in contact again. You may choose to choose a Graphic Designer, or you can use a program to create free business cards on the web.


So how is a business card done?

It essentially consists of the graphic representation of your company or profession and contacts

The graphic representation will serve to remind the client of what it is, but the primary role of business cards is simply to quickly show how to get in touch with the company or the professional.

“Who We Are” and “What We Do” should be expressed through a simple illustration or better yet, through a logo.

You probably are not going to pay hundreds of euros for Graphic Designer to create a simple business card. And that is why I wrote this article.

Next, I will present six Business Card Makers, and finally I will show you what is the best program to create business cards, and a small trick to avoid any unforeseen expense.

Before proceeding, however, I absolutely have to point out that a business card can not ignore a good logo. If you have not already created it, it’s time to make one. Logojoy is very similar to working side by side with a human designer, but it is far cheaper and fun!



Simply fantastic. A business card maker that also gives you a logo!

The system is simple: enter the name of the company or professional, choose the industry and .. you will get different business card graphics with different logo types!

My advice is to try DesignMantic absolutely.




Though Logaster is essentially a logoMaker, it also works as a program for creating business cards; and does it at the speed of light.

There is no better program to create your business card as soon as possible. Click here to create a job card with Logaster




This program to create free business cards allows you to work out your own project, starting from different models to choose from. At this point, just enter the name and contacts of your business, and the game is done.



DeGraeve is another program to create free, very interesting business cards. With a real-time preview, you can see the changes you make to the text and design of your ticket.



If you rely on the world of blogs and social media, you will probably know Guy Kawasaki. Here, it is responsible for communicating one of the world’s most important web agencies: Canva.

Though its purpose is to create images for social media, it can function as a program to create free and brilliant business cards.


Business Card Maker

Few clicks to create a custom business card with the ability to choose from different layouts. This is a free system, not too customizable, but very interesting.



The most interesting aspect of this program to create free business cards is the layout for different models. Although it may not seem important, actually choosing the right layout layout is essential to creating an effective business card. With FreeLogoServices, you have this opportunity.


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