How to Choose a Business Management Software?

Many new entrepreneurs believe that only large companies can integrate their business software and technological elements in general for their work, which is a mistake. ERP systems like this are a good example.

This is the Business Resource Planning System, through which many aspects of a business are handled, including production and distribution operations of products and services.

What you should know is that you cannot try to implement it lightly. To do it in the right way, you will need to refine those factors that intervene in its implementation, because their relevance determines the success or failure of the business.

Therefore, there is a list of tips that should be taken into account before integrating one of these systems into your company. Take note and bet on technology to make your processes more efficient.


Meet the Provider

Do not be guided solely by the recommendations of people close to you. One way to investigate is to ask the provider to give you contacts from other clients in order to interview them. They will not tell you everything, but you can have a better overview of some problems that might arise.


Prepare them for the Change

Suppliers and external consultants must fight against resistance to change of employees, so it is essential that you help with this task, especially training leaders and managers. Make sure that the personnel involved are aware of its operations and the advantages it will bring once the decision to use it takes effect.


Compatible Hardware

Before choosing the ERP system that you will install in the company, you should expect it to be supported by hardware with enough capacity to support it. Before investing in this program, you must be sure that you have everything you need to get it going.


Conservation of Information

Keep in mind that when you install the new ERP system, your old data is not lost. Create a good information backup scheme, whether it’s from hard drives, CDs, USB or any type of removable memory.



Post-implementation assistance is as important as training. Does the provider have people to train all your employees? How long will this process last? What will happen if you have doubts in a few more months? Verify in detail what the provider’s policies are in these aspects.


Source Code

Always anticipate the possibility of making changes to the source code. It may not be necessary at this moment, but to be prepared for the possibility of it from happening is to have potential in the future.

In this video we have a nice explanation of ERP system:

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