Software to control productivity

Almost all companies have some kind of application in their intranet where employees have to report the time they have devoted their working hours to work, specifying the tasks solved or also the application of time control works while they work. Sometimes it is cause for blushing (and can be dismissal) to verify that the […]

How to Choose a Business Management Software?

Many new entrepreneurs believe that only large companies can integrate their business software and technological elements in general for their work, which is a mistake. ERP systems like this are a good example. This is the Business Resource Planning System, through which many aspects of a business are handled, including production and distribution operations of […]

15 Business Productivity Applications to Work Better + Save Time

Time. It never seems to be enough. As owners of small businesses, we are always looking for ways to work better and save time. That’s because, often the more you do, the more you earn. Used properly, applications for business productivity can help you be more productive. With the time you save, you can take […]

Most popular operating systems

An operating system not only gives life to a computer or mobile device, but also gives it “personality”. The way in which each operating system behaves and is presented is what makes each team different. About the options, I have to tell you that they are limited by several factors: platform, amount of memory and […]