Increase Productivity With Technology

Although we live in a highly computerized society, computers, smartphones and tablets are not often fully exploited and instead of using them to increase personal productivity, automate and speed up tasks or perform jobs in an optimized manner, we limit ourselves to using them only for rather futile operations such as visiting Facebook profiles or play the latest successful app (see Candy Crash and Angry Birds).
Share and browse documents from anywhere
Thanks to the Internet it is possible to share documents on the net and then consult them later from anywhere, with any smartphone, tablet or computer.
Tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive provide free space on the cloud to store documents, videos, books, movies or photos, which we can then re-download from anywhere. Using them, for example, you can avoid spending money to buy USB sticks or external hard drives to move electronic documents from home to the office or vice versa.

Work remotely in a coordinated way
There are also technological tools and programs that allow you to work remotely in a coordinated way on the same projects.
One example is Google Drive which, in addition to allowing documents to be shared in the cloud, also allows multiple people to work at the same time on text documents (similar to Word documents) or spreadsheets (similar to Excel documents). In this way, a team of people can work together on the same project from home and see in real time the changes made by others, or send their suggestions and consult a history of all the changes made to the document.
There are also so-called videoconferencing software (eg Skype, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex), which allow you to make video calls or real multimedia meetings at a distance. It is possible to use them to carry out interviews or company meetings without the need for all the participants to be present in the same physical place at the same time. This entails considerable savings in time (people do not have to waste time to move to reach others) and money (fuel for travel, the company could theoretically no longer have the need for locations and physical buildings, so zero fee for rent, zero maintenance costs, zero electricity costs, etc ..).
Use software to increase productivity
There are many computer programs and apps for smartphones and tablets that increase productivity.
It is widely accepted that in order to study or work in a more profitable way it is essential to focus on your activity for about 20-30 minutes and then detach for 4 or 5 minutes by taking a break. For this there are many programs or apps like “Pomodairo” (for Windows, Mac and Linux) or “Tomato Timer” (available on the web) or hundreds of apps for IOS and Android that help us to apply the so-called “tomato technique” to be able to work more profitably. If you do not know what the tomato technique is, read this article to learn more.
Another very useful program is WorkRave (available on Windows, Mac and Linux), which tells us when it is time to take breaks, during which we are also shown appropriate exercises that help to prevent and recover injuries of the upper limbs from work (like the famous tennis elbow or carpal tunnel), which more and more often affect people who work for too many hours on the computer.
Organize your work better

If you need programs to organize your work, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Let’s see some examples:
Software to manage your own ToDo List (explore many useful tips about it) and to remember the urgent tasks to be completed (eg Google Keep).
Software to take notes and notes quickly (eg Evernote) and to be able to consult from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
Programs to organize your calendar of appointments directly from the internet (eg Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar for Mac or IOS devices)
Programs to organize work in real time and schedule the various tasks of a project (eg Kanbanflow).
Automate repetitive tasks
One of the main purposes for which computers are born is to automate jobs that are too repetitive for humans, so it is not surprising that there are many software of this type. Some examples are:
software that automates the massive sending of emails like Mailchimp. Think of having to send thousands of emails to your customers, it would not be very smart to send them one by one manually
software like Cobian that allows you to automate the backup or the storage of electronic data on multiple devices to avoid the risk of losing them. Even here, it is a real waste of time to remember each and every tot. days to save all the contents of our folder containing the movies on our external hard drive. And what if we forget to do it for a long time and our computer breaks down? Much better to rely on appropriate programs that “remember” for us to make backups automatically on certain dates specified by us
software like Zapier that allow you to integrate hundreds of software and tools available on the web together. For example, thanks to Zapier you can decide to delegate to your computer the task of saving each new email received on Gmail on cloud services like Dropbox or perform thousands of other operations that require cooperation between several different programs. If you are curious, you can visit the official Zapier website.
Learn to use software that speeds up real operations
There are many IT tools that allow us to perform faster operations that we are used to doing in person, such as going to the post office to send a registered letter, to a bank or a tobacconist.
PEC or Certified Electronic Mail is an Italian service thanks to which it is possible to send special emails that have the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt.
The digital signature, on the other hand, is another informatics tool that allows us, through appropriate digital signature tools, to affix our digital signature to an electronic document that at that point has the same value as a pen-based paper document.
Almost all the banks that offer an online site allow them to make phone top-ups or auto stamp payments (without wasting time in tobacconists), or to pay taxes and taxes through the F24 model.
The various services for electronic invoicing allow companies to compile and manage their online invoices.
Take advantage of the benefits of devices for professional use
In recent times are starting to appear many new innovative devices that represent real hybrids between tablets and computers. These are often high-end devices intended for professional use. They have the great advantage of allowing both writing by keyboard and touch screen also by means of special digital pens.
Taking quick notes, making prototype sketches, mathematical calculations or real drawings as if you were dealing with a real sheet is no longer science fiction. These tools are very useful because they offer the possibility to take notes directly in digital format eliminating completely the need to convert paper notes into digital notes. It’s true, they are still quite expensive, but they can act as a telephone, tablet with advanced features close to those of computers, diary and personal diary, notepad and multidisciplinary notebook. In short, the greatest comfort is that all your work and your notes will be reunited in one place.

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