Most popular operating systems

An operating system not only gives life to a computer or mobile device, but also gives it “personality”. The way in which each operating system behaves and is presented is what makes each team different. About the options, I have to tell you that they are limited by several factors: platform, amount of memory and architecture.


The platform is mostly governed by the type of processor used by the device. Not all operating systems work on all processors in the market; that is the limitation. The other factor, the amount of memory, directly influences the possibility of installing and operating a specific system, since each operating system version has its own minimum requirements to operate efficiently.


Operating system


Finally, the other determining factor is architecture. Basically there are two types of architecture: open and closed (or proprietary). The open architecture allows to choose between several operating system options, while the closed architecture only allows operating systems from the same manufacturer.


Many mobile devices come with the manufacturer’s operating system and does not support any other, a problem solved by E-works Manager in its new software for job cards. Apple computers and mobile devices from that manufacturer are examples of closed architecture. Although it is possible to install other systems on them, the equipment is blocked and deactivated by means of software updates.


Popular systems

Currently, we have three major operating systems for computers and a range of other less popular, but they are also very good and solid.

Linux – Started as a personal project in 1991, it is currently among the big ones, not only because of its growing popularity, but because of the solidity, reliability and security it offers users. Although there are six basic distributions, there are thousands of distributions that are derived from them. Linux can be installed on almost any platform, including some that are considered closed. Even if very popular Linux is still full of secrets for many users.

MacOS- This is the operating system of Apple computers. It is a lightweight system, easy to use (some never get to master it) and very solid and safe, because it is based on BSD, a Unix derivative. The elegance of this system lies in its graphic interface, intuitiveness and the ease with which operations are carried out.

Windows- The most used operating system in the world, following the base established by its predecessors, DOS and the first steps of Windows 3. It has a long tradition of versions, both for home users and for businesses.

Unix- Although it is not well known by the public, this operating system dates back to the 80s. In this system are based both Linux, MacOS, BSD and others that we will not mention in this article. It is a solid, safe and reliable system, which is why it is widely used in internet servers and data centers.

BSD- Distribution that is derived from Unix, with the same solidity, reliability and security of its ancestor. It is the basis of MacOS, from version 10, here some information useful if you have a solid tech background.

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